Mobile App Development


Scrum Agile


12 Months



Team Size



Manufacturing Operations


An industry leader in control engineering solutions, the client had no mobile companion app for its platform. This opened the door for 3rd party development and a missed opportunity for product extension.  My team rapidly built a prototype for a beta test that was met with great success.  Early adopters shaped the roadmap for the launch to full production. 

The solution consisted of a web configuration app for an administrator to manage users, groups, roles, and the types of alarms and notifications to be delivered to each.  This information then drove user access, push notifications, and charting information within the native app on an Android or iOS device.  




TFS, Google Suite, RingCentral, Virtual Machines, Hockey App, Octopus



React UI, Xamarin Forms, SciCharts, Azure Web Services,, API

Team Information

Blended team including client personnel and consultants co-located in pods.

Crystal Larsh is a service delivery professional, managing a variety of technical projects in Austin, Texas. She has been leading teams in the project and product space since 2003. Valuing continuous growth, she has gained an MBA in eCommerce, a Masters in Project Management, and NPDP, PMP and Scrum Master certifications. She has used her education and over 15 years of experience to help bring up the next generation, particularly women in tech. Serving clients by trade. Gaming by hobby. Mother of two by love. Managing projects comes as naturally as breathing.