I was elected to the HOA Board during the transition from home builder control to the community. Initially serving as treasurer, I dissected the budget and vendor list. I was able to recommended changes and gain approval to dramatically reduce our operational expenses, enabling use to reduce annual dues in the first year and keep them flat for the four following years.

Moving into the President role, I represented the interests of the community moving forward on needed legal action to protect HOA land during development next door. I ensured proactive communication was sent out to my neighbors on any items that may affect them. I participated heavily in the social media spaces to be available for questions and discussion on a regular basis.

While I have moved on from the position to make space for others to serve, I have been a source of historical context and sounding board for current members on continuing concerns.

Crystal Larsh is a strategic leader, fierce DEI advocate, and delivery professional leading global teams out of Austin, TX. She has been working in the project and product space since 2001 and has focused on organizational design and operational improvements over the last several years. She has earned an MBA in eCommerce, a Masters in Project Management, a number of certifications (NPDP, PMP, CSM), and actively pursues opportunities for growth (DEI Blueprint, SAFe SPC training, and more). She uses her education and over 20 years of experience to help bring up the next generation, particularly women in tech.