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Crystal’s advanced technical knowledge and professionalism have been a godsend for our organization! Stepping up to help us by creating a turn-key CRM solution including training and custom development. We are beyond pleased with the finished product, and her communication throughout was impeccable. As a project manager I have seldom seen her equal.

Michele O

While Crystal was at GTECH through NEXT Consulting, I had the pleasure to closely work with her on several projects. Crystal is a very dedicated, proficient, and knowledgeable Project Manager. Her integrity, competence, problem-solving skills and team-building was always at the forefront of every project. It was a delight working with Crystal, her work can be trusted and dependent on.

Nathalie C

Crystal was a considerable asset in the development of her companies marketing storefront. She understands the full marketing mix, from strategy to implementation, and was a trusted leader on the team. Her project management skills and expertise were undeniable, yet what I found equally valuable was her immense passion and dedication to the project. She is a valuable asset to any team!

Kara L

Working with Crystal at Electronic Arts (EA) was an absolute delight. She is one of the most professional, dedicated, and requirements-attuned project managers I’ve had the privilege of working with over the years. In her time at EA, she demonstrated extraordinary passion and focus toward each project, and was never hesitant to learn improvement opportunities by being hands-on with the end-user tools and experiences. As one of her primary stakeholders, I can attest to her high-quality of work starting with her communicative abilities, extending through to stakeholder engagement and requirements gathering. Even her detailed documentation was above the bar. She clearly understands and demonstrates how to balance the goals of the business against those of her stakeholders, and there were never questions regarding status, scope, deliverables, or any open items within her projects by stakeholders or those on her project teams. Her documentation was superb, and she was always reliable to deliver the output of the project as expected (or exceeding the expected). If you’re seeking a project manager who can deliver a quality project plan to guarantee delivery of outputs that are “fit for purpose” and “fit for use”, then Crystal is the professional fit required on your team!

Travis W

Crystal is a highly skilled and resourceful project manager. We worked together at Raymond James and have stayed in touch since then. I’ve always been impressed with her resourcefulness, and ability to find creative solutions to problems. She was an asset to every team she worked on.

Richard S

I admire Crystal both as a Project Manager and as a dear team member. She’s the kind of person any team needs to keep everything going on the right path, more so when honesty is a valuable trait. In addition, I miss Crystal in our team just for being herself. She is very kind and always cared for our needs when we were working onsite, and tried to liven up the mood whenever possible (best Pirate and chocolate treasure on Talk Like a Pirate Day!) while being very conscious about goals and delivery. Certainly, she’ll prove an excellent addition to any team!

Cristián B

I had the pleasure of working with Crystal on several projects at her time within EA, Crystal provided fantastic leadership for her team and was an above the mark mentor for various UAT projects which involved direct communication with advisors. Crystal was able to lead teams to improve our internal customer support tools and different infrastructures within the organization. This also involved giving presentations in front of stakeholders within our organization, as well as teaching advisors how to use various tool features which saved the organization money as teams were able to lower KPI’s to go above the company goals set in place. I highly recommend Crystal as she is an incredible asset to any team along with her remarkable leadership skills, ability to create last minute strategies as well as the ability to solve problems and engage her teams is always top notch. Crystal also helped launch our first women’s employee resource group, which set the tone to create many other employee resource groups and set a structure for the groups. Crystal was a great ally and advocate for creating balance for new mothers, and helping create a mentorship program for women to mentor other women and even getting male allies to join in on this. This has been crucial to EA’s success on creating a diverse work environment and creating relationships and even providing information to people that want to get into her job role. I feel incredibly lucky to have been mentored by Crystal, I was able to go on and help our EA PRIDE Austin Employee resource group launch thanks to Crystals continued support even after moving on from EA. Thank you, Crystal, for all that you do!

Amber R

Crystal is an innate problem solver. Her experience in product, project and even some dabbling in code have left her uniquely situated to approach her roles with empathy and understanding of how the full picture fits together rather than just her part of it. This makes setting and sharing her vision easier as she is able to communicate effectively to her different audiences. She’s passionate about mentoring and always looking to learn new things and pass on her knowledge. In the many years I’ve known Crystal, she has continued to grow, develop, and positively impact the places that she’s chosen to join.

Jen D

I had the pleasure to work with Crystal whilst at EA, and it would be of the upmost pleasure should I be fortunate enough to work with her again in the future. Crystal balances people, process & performance in all that she does. She has a vast amount of knowledge in relation to PMOs, P3M (project, program & portfolio), Product & Change Management which proved pivotal when our PMO was in its infancy. Her guidance, thoroughness, & drive set us up for success. With her due diligence we were able to procure a P3M tool to utilize in conjunction with our PMO processes, governance and standard ways of working; to which Crystal played a large role in establishing. Crystal is a respected leader, inspiring those around her and enabling others to see and reach their full potential. Dependable, organized, driven, & trusted are but a few words that can be used to describe her. If you need someone to get the job done, be an advocate of change, and help guide and lead you to success, then Crystal would be my recommendation.

Becki M

I am glad I got the chance to work with Crystal. She really pays attention to what people need – she makes sure to ask, and then does what she can to make that happen. She works well with people, but is willing to go out on a limb and stand up for her team when they need it. Most of all, she is kind. She is the sort of person who will remember small details you tell her about your family, and the sort of person who puts together care packages that she hands out to the homeless people she passes on her way home from work. She is a genuine, thoughtful person, and I would not hesitate to work with her again. 

Anne E

Crystal is an extremely high caliber person who delivers what she says she is going to deliver. As a project and program manager she has been able to accomplish great things at EA. Crystal is capable to deliver both strategic and tactical programs with the level of quality you would expect of a veteran program manager. She regularly makes my job easier and is a pleasure to work with.

Kyle R

Crystal is a talented, extremely dedicated product manager. She possesses outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills and demonstrates her wealth of knowledge in the technical arena. You can count on Crystal to add value to any project she is involved with always looking for a win-win situation. Crystal has a strong work ethic and would be an asset to any company she chooses to work for.

Mary D

It was my pleasure to work with Crystal while she was a Product Manager at Raymond James. Together, with our support teams, we developed and implemented a major on-line ordering site for branded stationery and marketing support items. Crystal’s project management skills were on display through every step of the build process and continued after the initial “go live” as we added new items to the site. Her time management skills and organization kept both teams focused and on task. It would be an honor for me to work with Crystal again in the future.

Mark S

It has been my pleasure to work with Crystal for the past few years. Her technical skills, service orientation, leadership and management abilities have been a true asset to the organization, and she has had a measurable impact on the firm’s performance. Since her start at Raymond James, Crystal has been dedicated to personal and professional improvement, taking courses and pursuing credentials on her own time. She then puts this knowledge to practical use in the workplace to the benefit of the organization overall. Crystal’s work has been focused on enterprise technology products which impact the daily operations of advisors and associates across the firm. Her role is important, and so her skills have had a tremendous effect. Whenever something needed to be done Crystal consistently delivered and delivered well. Knowing that she was there, and could always be counted on, made my job easier. She has been a valuable partner in my work at Raymond James, and I can truly say this team would not have achieved the success we’ve earned without her contribution.

John B

I had the privilege of watching Crystal work her productivity magic, and I’d recommend her without a second thought for any kind of project management role. She absolutely crushed in a shop where we were playing catch-up. I can only fathom how bad ass she must be in a pro-active posture. 5 stars, would CLarsh again, AMA.

Ben G

I truly appreciated my time working with Crystal. She’s thoughtful, focused, has an adaptable skillset and a willingness to help her teammates. She took the time to think through challenges ahead of us, and helped experts define ambiguous tasks. Entering a new vertical takes courage and humility, Crystal showed both and brought her own background and perspective to helping technology teams define and make progress on their goals. Crystal would be an asset on any team she joined.

Adrian G

Crystal’s commitment to DEI is evident in her professional endeavors. She emphasizes the importance of more than just symbolic gestures, advocating for tangible support and equality in the workplace.

Mike M

Crystal is known for her integrity, reliability, and ethical conduct. She possesses strong communication skills and has the ability to engage and inspire others to action.

Jen L

Crystal leads with empathy while simultaneously instilling a pragmatism that brings order to chaos and gets products shipped on time. She brings an encyclopedic knowledge of Agile & production operations best practices but lives this truth: what really matters is helping teams make these tools work within their own unique company cultures.

Dalia H

I met Crystal 2 years ago in my search for a senior staff member who could bring the project
management mindset to my team and the department; my team and I would not have made the
progress we have made without Crystal joining our team. With her years of experience she has
leveled up the team’s understanding of core project management acumen, and established
rituals that have optimized our business.

In addition, Crystal is more than her stellar PM skills. She brings compassion, heart, integrity
(always doing what is right), and a desire to really understand all diverse thoughts. In less than
2 years, she has transformed our organization from a directionless space to an efficient
powerhouse. Doing this was not easy, but she did it without alienating one team member; her
style is to reach across and understand where others are coming from and share insights into
the ‘why’ she believes her strategy will benefit them.

Farah R


My writing and presentations are largely informed by my experience working across a number of diverse industries, cultures, and organizational structures. Below you will find highlights of my work in the project and product spaces, as well as my initiatives to further diversity & inclusion.

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